Monday, November 28, 2016

Final Project

Prepare a short (~2 min) audio/video performance by remixing found or original footage live. Create one video installation that requires the viewers presence to run.  Or you could play with the patch while its presented.  You may include a webcam with your video, or you may have Max react with arduino sensors, or both.  Your video piece must include a mixture of 2 video elements, a seperate audio element, and text.

We will present our pieces in the gallery during the class final which is on Thursday Dec. 8 at 6:30-9pm.  A projector will be provided, along with a laptop, cameras, cables, and speakers.  However if you can supply your own, the better.  Each student (or group) will be able to present their own work and have the class interact with it.  You may take patches and use other peoples work from the links below, but you must document your sources and share them in class.  

You will be graded on whether your patches work, but also on whether the content is clever and pushes forward an idea or creates a unique synthesis of different elements.  

Your arduino assignments are also due and should be on display as well.  I will grade both immediately after the final.

Schedule:  Day 1 (tue) come up with patches to experiment with, build a library of video and sounds to work with, test out webcam.  Day 2 (thu) presentation modes, connecting arduino Day 3, workday, Day 4 present

Max Tutorials
MSP tutorials (digital audio)
Jitter Tutorials (video)
Max add ons
Vizzie add ons
Jitter Forums
Max on Twitter

max examples Jitter Recipes
Jitter Recipes Book 2
Jitter Recipes Book 3
Jitter Recipes Book 4
Practical Max
Random Patches (cut and paste)
Fractal forms
Patches shared on youtube

Video Tutorials

Cycling 74 Max Youtube Channel
Amazing max Stuff
Webcam Displacement

Video Resources

Library of Congress
Prelinger Archives
Open Source Video
Open Source Audio


Multicultural Recycler
Veritical Blanking Interval

– use videos with similar visual properties i.e. belonging to the same era or genre
– don’t use sources that are already art/artsy or already remixed
– if you are mashing up songs together you should make sure their beats and key match, or you edit them to make them match (it’s not easy)
– the remix doesn’t have to be fast and noisy, you can try a droney, slow flow

GUNS (EM) from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

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