The following list contains names of artists, scientists and researchers whose work(s) can be useful for research in the areas addressed by this course. It is by no means comprehensive, it is simply a guide to aid in your research, to get you started and or provide some inspiration.

Casey Alt
Christopher Baker
Artur Barrio
Maurice Benayoun
Tim Berners-Lee
Blast Theory
Geoff Bunn
Thomas Charvériat
Paul DeMarinis
Mark Divo
Ken Feingold
Masaki Fujihata
Félix González-Torres
Mark Hansen
Riley Harmon
Desmond Paul Henry
Lynn Hershman
Hugo Heyrman
Perry Hoberman
Pierre Huyghe
Ryoji Ikeda
Toshio Iwai
Christopher Janney
Miranda July
Yves Klein
Knowbotic Research
Meeli Kõiva
Myron Krueger
Golan Levin
Zachary Lieberman
Pia Lindman
Liu Dao
Marita Liulia
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Machfeld
Nathalie Miebach Michael
Naimark Graham Nicholls
Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto)
Julian Oliver Simon
Penny Tristan Perich
Michael Rakowitz
Ken Rinaldo
Don Ritter
David Rokeby
Daniel Rozin
Ben Rubin
Paul Sermon
Zack Booth Simpson 
Nathaniel Stern
Scott Snibbe
Ashok Sukumaran
Jer Thorp
Camille Utterback
Bill Vorn
Marius Watz
Krzystof Wodiczko
 Janet Zweig

 The following topics are general themes which could serve you as ideas, themes or starting points for prints or research projects: • image & text (address an issue, concept or idea, in an artful, engaging manor) • movement & space • urban / suburban living • portrait / self-portrait • ego / alter ego • gender Issues - What does it mean to be male or female? How is M/F defined by you or projected onto you by others? Are these the only ways of being? If not, how are the alternatives to M/F expressed? Feminism / womens rights / mens rights / heteronormativity / gay and trans rights • environment and ecological concerns - e.g. protection of, usage, depletion of, beauty of, utility of • war -- what is it good for? How it serves us. The necessity of, the futility of, etc. . . • power. Who has it, how they use it, What they use it for, or alternatively, who doesn’t have it. • freedom. define it, how do you take advantage of it, where to find it. . . • race. what is it? Does it matter? Who cares about it? What/how does it affect your/others life? • beauty what is it? Does it matter? Who cares about it? What/how does it affect your/others life? how is it understood as aesthetics?

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